Spiritual House Cleansing


Everyone has a main guide, some even have two, but everyone has at least two to eight guides that come in out of their lives, as they are needed. I help you understand your guides and what messages they have for you. Read More


If a property doesn’t feel right, or you think something just isn’t right, or maybe everyone in the property isn’t acting the way they normally do, energy is up and down like a yo-yo or you just feel uncomfortable in your own home. That’s when I need to look at your property and sense its energy. Read More


I look at the your inner core or soul and tell you how many barriers protect it. Through analysis of these barriers, I show you how to recognize each barrier and I give you the tools to understand each of these barriers and how to overcome them.  Read More

welcome to blue light energy healing

Welcome everyone, to an adventure and a spiritual awakening that will help you understand “YOU” and why you are on your journey in life. There are many paths and many choices you can make in life. You can make decisions based on your head, heart or gut feelings. But your true decisions are based on what your instincts tell you at the time because your instincts will direct you on to your true path. Life has an interesting way of making us learn lessons that we never understand at the time but are thankful for in the future as we reflect on our journey in life

Every creature on mother earth wishes to be understood, respected and most importantly accepted and loved. Through recognition and understanding of yourself you will grow and experience life in a very different way. My guides and I offer you happiness, to be content, have direction and understand your  journey in life.

Come and join me on your journey to see and feel who you really are.



Cleansing / Clearing


A session generally takes 60 to 90  minutes.


Once everything has settled down in your home,

I’ll return (if you need me to) to your home,

to make sure everything is as it should be,

as part of the original fee.

Pre-Journey Reading


A Reading normally takes 60 minutes.

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